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Buying melatonin in the UK: 8 myths

Tales and stories have always taken a special part in people’s lives. Slowly, this habit of telling stories, from a way of entertainment, turned into a commercial marketing strategy. Similarly, now that people who are keen to get their skin gloriously tanned are opting to buy melatonin.

Melatonin peptide has shown some really good effect and people have a very positive review on it. Still, there are certain strong negative statements flying around on the internet or are being passed as word of mouth about Melatonin sleep aid. Let’s see what those things are and how true they are.

Top 8 myths about buying melatonin UK in the market

Myths have served as a source of grabbing attention in the business market for a long time. As the popularity of Melatonin peptide is increasing, proportionally the myths are growing too. So before you believe them, know the fact behind it:

Melatonin  peptide is a chemical

This is wrong. Rather, this product is a replica of natural peptide which enhances the hormone responsible for skin pigmentation. It has zero chemical mixed in it.

Tanning injections cause skin cancer and dark spots

One major reason for skin cancer is UV rays. Tanning injections have nothing to do with sun’s heat rays. That means there is no possible chance that a person will get skin cancer by using melatonin peptide injections.

The hormone secretion will make your skin smooth and will protect your dermal layer from harmful rays. It will never make a skin dry or patchy. But if you have freckles or spots on your body naturally, the pigmentation will make them darker.

The alternative way of tanning injection is nasal spray

The answer is simply no. Nasal sprays are diluted and adulterated products which will never give you any desired result. So there is no point in buying nasal sprays. In case you are interested, then the only way is a tanning injection.

The process of using buy melatonin UK is expensive and painful

Again, this not at all true. One vial costs around £20 which is half the cost of one professional salon visit where one get chemical mists spray tanning.

It causes premature aging

Premature aging can happen due to a lot of reasons like stress, liver problem, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Melatonin peptides neither contribute nor initiate the causes of aging.

Tanning injection causes weight gain as a side effect

Tanning injections are now being used in gyms and are given to people who are willing to reduce weight. It does not increase weight in any manner. One can also use a dosage of Melatonin II peptides to increase metabolism.

One cannot use any other product if using Melatonin peptide

There is a difference between ‘one cannot use’ and ‘one need not use’ any cosmetic product. Among the two, latter is the true fact. Your skin will have a natural glow, so you won’t need to use any other makeup to get that gorgeous look.

One can only get it online

You can buy melatonin at gyms, retail stores and from medicated salons or spas. But people prefer getting it online because of the added discounts they provide as store tax is not applied to them.

After getting these myths busters, there is no reason to have a doubtful mind before getting the tan injection.  Look out for a website that is registered and has experience in dealing with Melatonin. Then the only thing you need to worry about is whether you can handle all the compliments that will be showered on you! Order your kit today!